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Instal BURG dan Super Boot Manager Backtrack 5R3

How To Install BURG, BURG Themes

and Super Boot Manager

on Backtrack 5R3???


how to install burg superboot manager Backtrack 5R3


Apa itu BURG ???

BURG is a brand-new boot loader based on GRUB. It uses a new object format which allows it to be built in a wider range of OS, including Linux/Windows/OSX/Solaris/FreeBSD, etc. It also has a highly configurable menu system which works in both text and graphic mode.


Yah, GRUB memang sudah lumayan dimakan usia (meskipun sudah ada GRUB2, dll). Dan sepertinya BURG merupakan angin segar yang mampu menggantikan “sedikit” kehausan pecinta Linux akan keindahan bootscreen menu. Backtrack 5R3 salah satunya…